News and statements on labour migration

  1. © A. Aguilar / ILO 2023

    Indigenous people in cities have rights too

    05 April 2023

    Olinda Silvano is an artist and leader in a Shipibo-Konibo indigenous community in Peru’s capital city, Lima. She is determined to overcome the challenges she and her people face, including discrimination, lack of social protection and housing.

  2. With upgraded infrastructure and capacity, vocational training centres in Kenya are creating better job prospects for youth

    04 April 2023

    With the support of ILO PROSPECTS, vocational training centres are being equipped with the latest machinery and infrastructure facilities, while staff are being trained to deliver industry-relevant competency-based curricula. These investments will reduce the skills gap and improve employability of host and refugee community youth in the region.

  3. Gender-based collective bargaining agreements better protect rights of woman workers

    31 March 2023

    The ILO’s Ship to Shore Rights South-East Asia Programme promotes a gender-based collective bargaining negotiation and agreement to better protect the rights of woman workers in the seafood processing industry.

  4. ILO facilitates discussions on promotion of decent work for refugees in Egypt

    29 March 2023

    At a national level workshop, main findings of the ILO's recent baseline study on the access of refugees and asylum seekers to the labour market were discussed with key influencers.

  5. Inclusive Green Economic Growth for Jordan's Refugee and Host Communities

    28 March 2023

    A new ILO project funded by the Government of Italy aims to build a sustainable and inclusive green labor market for Jordan's refugee and host communities.

  6. ILO promotes labour intensive methods to improve livelihoods of host and refugee communities in Ethiopia

    28 March 2023

    Through an intensive training, the ILO has strengthened the capacity of road construction engineers from Ethiopia’s refugee-hosting districts to apply labour intensive methods to boost socio-economic development through infrastructural development and job creation.

  7. © ILO 2023

    Nigeria ratified ILO Conventions concerning migrant workers and private employment agencies

    27 March 2023

    Nigeria becomes the 29th country to ratify Convention No. 143, and the 38th to ratify Convention No. 181.

  8. BMZ supports Green Jobs and Women's Participation in Jordan

    23 March 2023

    The EIIP project funded by German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through the German Development Bank (KfW) was launched in Jordan in 2016 in response to the Syrian crisis and to provide support to the Jordanian Government in facing the challenges related to the influx of refugees. It focuses on increasing short term employment through improving infrastructure and the environment, and to providing youth with skills that will assist them in securing longer-term job opportunities.

  9. © ACNUR/Siegfried Modola 2023

    The ILO supports socio-economic integration of refugees and migrants from Venezuela with a decent work approach

    15 March 2023

    The Venezuelan displacement is the largest human displacement in the history of Latin America and the Caribbean and the second largest in the world. At a roundtable in Brussels, the ILO presented the main advances and challenges faced by host countries in the socio-economic integration process of the Venezuelans.

  10. International Women’s Day 2023: Migration as an opportunity for women

    13 March 2023

    ILO, IOM, UNODC and UN Women join forces to generate knowledge on the challenges women migrant workers face during their migration journey