Events and training on labour migration

November 2018

  1. Panel discussion on Jobs for Peace and Resilience

    9 November 2018

    The event “Jobs for Peace and Resilience” is organized in the context of the Geneva Peace Week 2018, which will take place from 5 to 9 November, in collaboration wth the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Centre on Conflict, Development & Peacebuilding (CCDP) and the Permanent Mission of Switzerland.

October 2018

  1. Greening with Jobs: A Just Transition to Sustainability

    23 October 2018

    This Nexus Dialogue aims to contribute to a common understanding of the concept of just transition, establish a global platform to share national and international experiences in the practical application of greening with jobs and just transition in national contexts; and foster support by both public and private stakeholders for social justice in the fight for environmental sustainability.

  2. Promotion of youth employment in fragile settings

    8 - 12 October 2018

    The training builds on ILO’s experience in the promotion and implementation of youth employment strategies and programmes in disaster and conflict situations. It will provide participants with a range of notions, methods and tools to promote youth employment in crisis environments.

  3. National Multi-sector Policy Forum on Labour Migration

    2 October 2018

    National Multi-sector Policy Forum on Labour Migration, will be hosted by the Ministry of Telecommunications, Digital Infrastructure and Foreign Employment on the 2nd October 2018 at the Galle Face Hotel.

  4. Protection and Promotion of Health and Safety of Migrant Workers

    2 October 2018

    How can we protect migrant and refugee workers from high health and safety risks? What are the roles of travel health practitioners and global community? Join us to learn facts, share good practices and discuss actions.

September 2018

  1. Businesses and Fair Recruitment: promoting responsible business conduct via the joint ILO-EU REFRAME project

    19 - 20 September 2018

    The Regional Multi-stakeholder Forum: Responsible Business Conduct for Safe Labour Migration in ASEAN, supported by the joint ILO-EU REFRAME project, brought together over 90 participants ASEAN ministries in charge of migration and people trafficking, ASEAN Inter-Governmental Commission on Human Rights, migrant workers’ organisations, employers’ associations, recruitment agencies, trade unions, women’s groups, civil society organisations, and think-tanks. The forum highlighted good practices and policies at government and company levels to ensure that unfair, exploitative or abusive labour practices of private companies’ partners, suppliers or sub-contractors are addressed, including unethical recruitment.

  2. Consultative workshop on SDG indicator 10.7.1 guidelines for measuring recruitment costs

    13 September 2018

    On September 13-14 2018, the ILO and World Bank, with the financial support of the EU, held a consultative workshop to determine how best to promote the adoption and production of an internationally comparable SDG indicator on recruitment costs.

  3. Media and the Fair Recruitment Initiative: ILO and IFJ engage journalists on ethical reporting

    3 - 5 September 2018

    The ILO held a workshop in collaboration with IFJ on media reporting on forced labour and fair recruitment. The workshop gathered professional journalists and media trainers from fifteen different countries. During the workshop, the Toolkit on Media reporting on Forced Labour and Fair Recruitment was reviewed by the participating journalists and its practical dissemination and utilization by the media in both departure and destination countries involved in international recruitment processes was discussed. It was the opportunity for fruitful exchanges of experience that will enrich the Toolkit and build its momentum on the way to its release.

  4. Media Reporting on Forced Labour and Fair Recruitment

    3 - 5 September 2018

    The media has a key role to play in supporting public awareness against all kinds of forced labour and promotion of fair recruitment. Media can be key influencers, affecting public perceptions about forced labour and labour migration. News coverage may help bring a cause into the mainstream by engaging people, creating the public mobilization and support to drive policy changes.

July 2018

  1. Launch of How Immigrant Contribute to Costa Rica's Economy in San José (ECLM project)

    30 July 2018

    An event was held in San José on 30 July 2018 to launch the report, How Immigrants Contribute to Costa Rica's Economy. The report was produced in the context of the project "Assessing the economic contribution of labour migration in developing countries as countries of destination" (ECLM). The media advisory for this event can be downloaded below.