Panel of Judges - 2023 Global Media Competition on Labour Migration

Kevin Burden

Kevin is a journalist and storyteller, with 20 years of experience helping other individuals and organisations to strengthen their media, production and management skills. He specialised as a reporter in energy and environment issues and delivered workshops and trainings to hundreds of journalists and non-news staff in the BBC and other organisations worldwide. Kevin has worked extensively with the ILO in the past and has co-authored the ILO toolkit for journalists: Reporting on forced labour and fair recruitment.

Hamida El Bour

Hamida is a teacher-researcher and Director of IPSI. In the past, Hamida has been CEO of the Tunis Afrique Presse agency, director of the journalism department and coordinator of the professional master's degree in investigative journalism. She was also a journalist with the daily Le Temps, and has written several publications on political journalism, media issues, gender and the sociology of the media. She has co-ordinated works on public media and investigative journalism. In 2011, Hadima was head of the media monitoring unit at the Independent High Electoral Body (ISIE).

Katerine Landuyt

Katerine has worked at the ILO since 1995 in the field of international labour standards, gender equality and non-discrimination, and rights-based and gender responsive labour migration. She is currently the Officer-in-Charge of MIGRANT, and as the Senior Legal Specialist in Labour Migration Policy in the Branch, leads the work of the Branch on international labour standards and legal issues relevant to labour migration and migrant workers’ rights.

Jean Milligan

Jean began her career as a documentary filmmaker and journalist. She worked for over a decade in communications at the International Committee of the Red Cross, producing award-winning multimedia features, photo exhibitions and publications. More recently, she served as spokesperson and press focal point for the Inter-Parliamentary Union. She is currently Director of Communications at the International Organisation of Employers.

Ginna Morelo

Ginna is a journalist, researcher, and master in Communication. She is the director of the Master's Degree in Scientific Journalism at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, in Bogotá, Colombia and a teacher at the Gabo Foundation. She has been a trainer for the DW Akademie Latin America and editor of the Puentes de Comunicación project, the newsroom covering migration in the region. In 2018, she received the Gabo Award for her work covering migration in the region, “Venezuela a la fuga” and she was recognized as journalist of the year by the Simón Bolívar National Journalism Award.