Promising practices for fair recruitment

This list presents a series of promising fair recruitment practices and results from a stocktaking exercise undertaken five years after the launch of the Fair Recruitment Initiative (FRI).

Resource list | 07 April 2021
  1. Establishment of the National Union of Malagasy Domestic Workers (SENAMAMA)
  2. Code of Conduct for Ethiopian Overseas Private Employment Agencies
  3. Recruitment of health workers through bilateral labour agreements (BLAs): Kenya and the United Kingdom
  4. Madagascar alignment of labour code to newly ratified conventions
  5. Regulation of Private Recruitment Agencies in Uganda
  6. Law amendment concerning management of migrant workers in Thailand
  7. Revision of the Law on Contract-Based Overseas Workers
  8. Italian National Action Plan to tackle labour exploitation, unlawful recruitment and forced labour in agriculture
  9. Nepal – Bilateral labour agreements include provisions related to fair recruitment
  10. Bangladesh – Government capacity enhanced to promote fair recruitment in bilateral negotiations and arrangements
  11. Tunisia – Formation of a new body of inspectors for the recruitment industry
  12. India – Blacklisting employers and recruiters abroad to protect Indian migrant workers
  13. Piloting fair recruitment from Bangladesh to Qatar in the construction sector
  14. Fair recruitment pilot between Nepal and Jordan in the garment sector
  15. Mexico - Fair recruitment practice by recruitment agency adapted to COVID-19
  16. Code of Conduct on the fair recruitment of Filipino migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong (China)
  17. Code of Conduct in international supply chains by Responsible Business Alliance
  18. Commitment to fair recruitment and due diligence in the sugar and palm oil industry of Guatemala
  19. Zero recruitment fee policy for (migrant) workers in Jordan
  20. Guatemala – Outreach through trade unions including attention to COVID-19
  21. Raising Pakistani migrant worker’s awareness of their right to fair recruitment