Labour Migration Branch (MIGRANT) staff list






Ms Michelle Leighton

Branch Chief

+41 22 799 6493

Ms Christiane Kuptsch

Senior Specialist in Migration Policies

+41 22 799 8696

Ms Kenza Dimechkie

Technical Officer Labour Migration

+41 22 799 7272

Ms Maria Gallotti

Chief Technical Advisor

+41 22 799 6552

Ms Natalia Popova Labour Economist +41 22 799 6395

Ms Samia Kazi Aoul-Chaillou

Technical Officer International Migration

+41 22 799 7182

Ms Heike Lautenschlager

Technical Officer International Migration

+41 22 799 7298

Ms Héloïse Ruaudel

Senior Technical Specialist on Crisis Migration

+41 22 799 7846

Patrick Marega-Castellan

Migration Policy Specialist

+41 22 799 7712

Ms Fabiola Mieres

Technical Officer in Labour Migration

+41 22 799 7706

Ms Eliza Marks

Project Technical Officer

+41 22 799 6111

Mr Iskandar Kholov

Technical Officer in Labour Migration

+41 22 799 8046

Katerine Landuyt

Specialist in Labour Migration

+41 22 799 7680

Clara Van Panhuys

Technical Officer

+41 22 799 8173

Ms Hélène Lombard Senior secretary +41 22 799 7561
Ms. Audrey Goetz Financial and Administrative Assistant +41 22 799 7989
Ms. Chantal Nahimana Administrative and Finance Assistant +41 22 799 7121

Regional focal points on labour migration






Ms Gloria Moreno-Fontes Chammartin

ROAF (Regional Office for Africa)

Regional Labour Migration & Mobility Specialist

Aurelia Segatti CO-Algiers Labour Migration Specialist
Dino Corell CO-Abuja Employment and Migration Officer
Mariette Sabatier CO-Addis Ababa Labour Migration Junior Officer

TC Project Staff in the African region





Andrew Allieu CO-Addis Ababa CTA - Social Protection Project
Ephrem Getnet CO-Addis Ababa Technical Officer
Aida Awel  CO-Addis Ababa CTA - Project
Ruchika Bahl CO-Addis Ababa CTA - Project SINCE
Abubeker Naser Ahmed CO-Addis Ababa National Project Coordinator
Serkalem Abebe CO-Addis Ababa Financial and Administrative Assistant
Luladay Aragaw CO-Addis Ababa National Project Coordinator
Arega Bekele CO-Addis Ababa Sr. Finance and Administrative Assistant
Blen Admasu CO-Addis Ababa Administrative and Finance Assistant
Eirmyas Kaase CO-Addis Ababa National Project Coordinator
Hermela Solomon CO-Addis Ababa Communications Officer
Kidest Getahun   CO-Addis Ababa National Project Coordinator
Richard Lavallée CO-Addis Ababa CTA - Project IGAD
Lotte Kejser CO-Abuja CTA FMM West Africa project
Agatha Kolawole CO-Abuja National Project Coordinator
Sarah Inokoba CO-Abuja Administrative and Finance Assistant
Hedayat Selim CO-Algiers National Project Coordinator h.
Hisham Abdel Rahman CO-Algiers National Project Coordinator h.
Victoire Umuhire CO-Dar es Salaam National Project Coordinator
Ayalu Admass Soudan National Project Coordinator
Mohamed Belarbi Tunisia National Project Coordinator
Yasmine ElEssawy DWT Cairo National Project Coordinator
Noémie Razafimandimby CO - Antananarivo National Project Coordinator - REFRAME Project in Madagascar
 Iholy Rasendrarivo CO - Antananarivo Project Assistant - REFRAME Project in Madagascar





Mr. Guillermo Dema

Youth Employment and Labour Migration Specialist, ILO RO Lima

Mr Francesco Carella

Labour Migration Specialist, ILO San José

Arab States




Mr Ryszard Cholewinski

Regional Migration Specialist for the Arab States

Ms Sophia Kagan

Chief Technical Adviser of the Regional Fair Migration Project in the Middle East (FAIRWAY)

Asia and the Pacific




Mr Nilim Baruah

Regional Migration Specialist for Asia and the Pacific

Mr Hussein Macarambon

National Project Coordinator for FAIR project in the Philippines

Ms Anna Engblom

Senior Programme Manager — TRIANGLE in ASEAN

Shabarinath Nair

Labour Migration Specialist for South Asia, Decent Work Technical Support Team (DWT), New Delhi

Benjamin Harkins

Technical Officer (Research and M&E) for the TRIANGLE II project

Ms Anna Olsen Technical Specialist Tripartite Action to Enhance the Contribution of Labour Migration to Growth and Development in ASEAN (TRIANGLE II)
Mrs. Jacqueline Pollock Chief Technical Advisor, Developing International and Internal Labour Migration Governance (DIILM) — ILO Yangon

Ms Thilini Fernando

Programme Assistant, Enhanced recognition of skills and reduced vulnerability of Sri Lankan construction workers in selected GCC Countries - UAE and Kuwait - CO-Colombo

Ms Catherine Laws

Technical Officer for the Migrant Workers Empowerment and Advocacy (MWEA) Project and the Improved Migration Governance (IMG) Project

Mr Jesse Mertens

Technical Officer (Program and Advocacy) for the Global action to improve the recruitment framework of labour migration (REFRAME project).

Ms Deepa Bharathi Chief Technical Advisor, Application of Migration Policy for Decent Work for Migrant Workers — CO-Dhaka
Mr Hongye Pei Project Officer, EU-China Migration and Mobility Support Project (MMSP) — CO-Beijing
Ms Swairee Rupasinghe National Project Coordinator, Ensuring the Effective Implementation of the Sri Lanka National Labour Migration Policy (Phase III) — CO-Colombo
Ms Florida Sandanasamy National Project Coordinator, Protecting the rights of Migrant Workers Through Empowerment and Advocacy (MWEA) — CO-Kuala Lumpur and ROAP
Ms Mi Zhou Project Manager, SEA Fisheries — Co-Jakarta
Ms Marja Paavilainen Senior Programme Officer, ASEAN TRIANGLE II
Ms Anjali Fleury Technical Officer, ASEAN TRIANGLE II, CO-Jakarta

EU- India Cooperation and Dialogue on Migration

Ms Seeta Sharma Technical Officer
Ms Harpreet Bhullar National Project Coordinator
Mr Prashant Arora Finance Assistant
Ms Shruti Vidyadhar Rane Research & Administrative Assistant

Europe and Central Asia




Ms Miriam Boudraa

Responsible at ITC-ILO for the training activities on labour migration

Mr Daniel Smith

Liaison and Research / Programming Officer