Christiane Kuptsch Profile

Ms Christiane Kuptsch has been with the Labour Migration Branch since June 2008, as Senior Specialist in Migration Policy. Before, she held the position of Senior Research Officer at the ILO's International Institute for Labour Studies where she headed the work on labour migration since 2003 and also acted as Coordinator of Special Events since 2006. She joined the ILO in 1992, in the then Migration and Population Branch; worked on social protection issues - with the ILO-linked International Social Security Association - from 1995 to 2001; and was in charge of educational activities at the International Institute for Labour Studies for two years before going back to migration-related work.

She is a political scientist (University of Geneva and Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland), with a background in law (University of Hamburg, Germany). Her publications include works on social protection and a-typical forms of work; disability policies; social security privatization; the protection of migrant workers in irregular situations; the migration of students and trainees; and temporary foreign workers programmes. Her migration-related books are about migration policy ("Managing Labor Migration in the Twenty-first Century", co-authored with Philip L. Martin and Manolo I. Abella, 2006, Yale University Press); migrant recruitment agents ["Merchants of Labour" - (pdf 1,03 MB), edited volume, 2006, IILS/ILO], the increasing competition for highly skilled migrants ["Competing for Global Talent" - (pdf 1,69 MB), edited volume, with Pang Eng Fong, 2006, IILS/ILO] and the ["The internationalization of labour markets" - (pdf 1,943 KB), edited volume, 2010, IILS/ILO].

Working languages: English, French, German and passive Spanish.