Technical Memorandum: Uganda

This needs assessment of Uganda's labour administration and inspection system was carried out at the request of the Uganda Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD) following a mission by ILO officials in December 2011.

The overall development objective was to assist the Government improve working conditions for men and women workers in Uganda through improved labour administration services and labour law compliance. More specifically, the immediate objective of this needs assessment was to review and assess the:

- organization of Uganda’s labour administration systems (including the relationship and coordination between the central authority and the districts);

- labour administration and inspection staff profile and personnel management practices (e.g. recruitment, grading, promotions, skills training (both for new recruits and existing staff), working conditions and gender equality);

- function and competencies of the labour administration and inspection systems;

- level of coordination between the MGLSD and other Ministries or state agencies with a role in labour administration;

- quality of coordination between different bodies responsible for inspection activities (e.g. labour inspection, occupational health and safety, social security etc.).

- participation and collaboration of employers and workers’ representatives in labour administration and, in particular, inspection practices;

- degree to which gender issues are mainstreamed into policies and programmes; and

- the capacity of the Ministry as a whole and labour inspection services in particular to collect and analyze data as part of its planning, monitoring and evaluation functions.

Based on the information gathered, the present report was prepared and includes a series of findings and recommendations at the end to help the MGLSD and social partners prioritize the country’s labour administration and inspection needs and to consider what follow-up actions could be taken to enhance the Ministry's performance.