Technical Memorandum: Tanzania

This audit of Tanzania‟s labour administration and inspection services was carried out in the context of the ILO‟s project, Improving Labour Law Compliance in the United Republic of Tanzania (URT/08/03/USA), which is a project supported by the United States Department of Labour over a three-year period (2009-2012). The audit covered both mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar, which have separate labour ministries, inspectorates and labour legislation. Initial fieldwork was carried out in September 2009, with additional interviews and data collection lasting through November 2009.

The draft report was discussed with the mainland and Zanzibar governments in February 2010. Some government bodies also chose to submit written comments afterwards.

The overall aim of the audit was to help both jurisdictions improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their labour administration and inspection services and to draw up action plans for implementing these improvements. Using a methodology developed by the ILO that has been tried and tested elsewhere, the audit team interviewed numerous relevant government officials in mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar along with representatives of workers‟ and employers‟ organizations in both jurisdictions.

Based on these interviews and following a desk review of legislation and official reports, the audit team arrived at a number of findings and recommendations, contained in this report, for consideration by the mainland and Zanzibar governments and social partners. These recommendations cover several broad themes, including improving coordination between the central authorities and regional offices, strengthening methods for planning and evaluation, improving human resources, training and career development, developing better workplace registries as well as reinforcing existing dispute resolution and sanctioning procedures.