IALI "Global code of integrity for labour inspection"

A document designed to support the achievement of a high standard of professional and ethical conduct by all employees in labour inspection systems and services.

The development of a Global Code of Integrity for the endorsement of members at the General Assembly of 2008, was one of the International Association of Labour Inspection’s (IALI) goals for the years 2005-2008. This goal was identified as a key strategy towards achieving the broader objective of building a foundation of professionalism for Labour Inspection. The Code aims to promote professionalism through integrity, commitment, responsiveness and good governance. Implementing the Code will require Labour Inspectorates to engage with their communities and governments and in particular, with workplace stakeholders such as representatives of employers and workers. Their involvement is vital to successfully implement the values expressed in the Code.
The Code is intended to apply to all who work in the Labour Inspectorate – not just the Inspector.
At organisational level the Code is intended to commit the Labour Inspectorate itself to facilitate a work environment and conditions that will allow and encourage the staff to work to these principles. Overall, the Code serves as a foundation for establishing a credible and professional Labour Inspection system.