Labour administration and inspection

Labour inspection in a sweatshop in Brazil

Labour inspection is a key element of any labour administration system for enduring the implementation of labour policies, providing feedback and allowing for a readjustment of these policies as necessary. In recent years, the importance of labour inspection in promoting decent work has been widely recognized. Yet in many countries, the changing world of work with its new employment patterns has been accompanied by reduced government interventions in the workplace. Even where there is a general agreement on the benefits of labour inspection, the real impact of labour inspectors has often been limited, especially among vulnerable or hard-to-reach groups and in the large informal economy. The ILO is working to strenghten labour inspection systems with a view to ensuring labour law compliance through the promotion of relevant international labour standards, and technical advisory services and projects.


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    Ukraine crisis

    Ukraine works: How Labour Inspectors support employers and workers during the war

    05 July 2022

    The war has been going on in Ukraine for more than four months. Despite the hostilities enterprises keep working and both employers and workers show a high degree of resilience. The ILO assisted the Ukrainian Labour Inspectorate with trainings on psycho-social first aid to workers, the prevention of human trafficking and forced labour, information on employment relationships under martial law, and support to enterprises having to relocate.

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    Prevention through information: ILO campaign on Ukrainian railways to prevent labour exploitation among refugees

    12 April 2022

    The ILO and the State Labour Inspectorate of Ukraine came through with an information campaign on Ukrainian railways that warns people on the move about situations that may lead to labour exploitation.

  3. Labour inspection

    A look into ILO practices promoting effective labour law compliance

    07 April 2022

    New publication offers an overview of the ILO’s LABADMIN/OSH work through projects to ensure labour law compliance across the world


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