Deadline for application is 13 April 2018

Training of Trainers SOLVE: Integrating health promotion into workplace OSH policy

The general objective of this course is to develop knowledge and skills leading to integration of psychosocial and health promotion issues in a comprehensive health and safety policy in the enterprise and the development of a framework for preventive action.

Course A9711069

The ILO's SOLVE programme is based on the recognition of the interdependent relationships between psychosocial factors and other health-related behaviours and their underlying causes in the workplace (work organization, working conditions, labour relations). The programme promotes the design of enterprise level policies and intervention programmes to improve working conditions and reduce work-related stress by incorporating psychosocial hazards and health promotion issues into the risk assessment and risk management strategy, involving both employers and workers through bipartite OSH committees at the workplace level.

Target audience: employers, general managers, human resource managers, OSH and social welfare managers of organizations and enterprises. Directors and officers of institutions and government departments responsible for OSH and health promotion. Members of organizations of employers and trade unions, with an active interest in health promotion at the workplace level. Managers and staff from organizations supporting enterprises. Consultants and university teachers and researchers working in the fields of occupational safety and health or health promotion.