Publications on HIV/AIDS

December 2011

  1. Publication

    Report and analysis of the survey: "A truck driver's life: working conditions and sexual health" - HIV and long-distance transport in Paraguay

    01 December 2011

    The present survey, entitled “A truck driver’s life: Working conditions and sexual health”, in which 279 truck (goods transport) drivers and 58 long-distance (passenger transport) drivers participated, was conducted in seven cities throughout Paraguay during the months of April and May 2010.

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    Prevent HIV, Protect Human Rights at Work in the Caribbean

    01 December 2011

    The ILO is engaging the workforce in the Caribbean in action aimed at getting to zero new infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths. The ILO supports the tripartite partners - governments, employers' and workers' organizations and their members - as well as Persons Living with HIV (PLHIV) to establish human rights frameworks for the workplace, to enhance capacity to implement HIV workplace responses and to reduce occupational risk of HIV transmission.

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    Gender equality is key to workplace responses to HIV and AIDS

    01 December 2011

    Gender inequality and HIV/AIDS are inextricably linked. Women account for just over 50 per cent of all people living with HIV.

November 2011

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    Promoting training and employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities: International experience

    10 November 2011

    Employment Working Paper No. 103

October 2011

  1. Publication

    Independent evaluation of the ILO's strategy to address HIV and AIDS and the world of work (Volume 1 of 2)

    19 October 2011

    The independent evaluation is based on the analysis of key reports and programme documentation, a portfolio review organized by country, project documentation, and interviews with ILO staff, constituents and United Nations (UN) system colleagues.

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    Independent evaluation of the ILO's strategy to address HIV and AIDS and the world of work - Annexes (Volume 2 of 2)

    18 October 2011

    Six desk case studies and three country missions were undertaken covering Cambodia, China, Ethiopia, India, Paraguay, Russia, Senegal, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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    Prevent HIV, Protect Human Rights at Work in Africa

    10 October 2011

    Tailoring its response to HIV/AIDS to country-specific needs, the ILO in Africa aims to protect human rights at work, and to strengthen HIV prevention, social protection programmes and employment opportunities, focusing on workers who are most at risk in key economic sectors in the formal as well as the informal economy.

  4. Publication

    Guide to mainstreaming gender in workplace responses to HIV and AIDS

    01 October 2011

    This tool is intended to provide guidance on mainstreaming gender in world of work-related initiatives addressing HIV. It is designed for a wide range of stakeholders, especially ILO constituents – governments, and employers' and workers' organizations – as well as ILO staff and partners.

  5. Publication

    Guidelines on HIV and AIDS for the postal sector

    01 October 2011

    The International Labour Office (ILO), through its Programme on HIV and AIDS and the World of Work (ILO/AIDS) and the Sectoral Activities Department (SECTOR), in collaboration with the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and UNI Global Union (formerly Union Network International) have contributed to the formulation of the present Guidelines on HIV and AIDS and the postal sector and participated in the implementation of the first phase of the campaign in the following seven selected pilot countries: Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, China, Estonia, Mali and Nigeria.

August 2011

  1. Publication

    Moving towards disability inclusion

    12 August 2011

    This publication provides insights into how disability perspectives may be incorporated into policies, laws, services and programmes, and the essential elements for sustainable and inclusive growth of societies. ILO-Irish Aid supported projects on disability (INCLUDE and PEPDEL) operating in Cambodia, Ethiopia, Thailand and Viet Nam provide the basis for the case stories, examples of good practice and lessons learned presented in this publication.