Publications on HIV/AIDS

January 2002

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    A Compendium of HIV/AIDS Workplace Policies of Partner Enterprises and other Social Partners in India

    01 January 2002

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    Enterprises and HIV/AIDS in India

    01 January 2002

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    Contributing to the fight against HIV/AIDS within the informal economy: The existing and potential role of decentralized systems of social protection.

    01 January 2002

    This paper describes efforts being developed by the ILO to strengthen the capacity of groups of workers and their families, particularly those in the informal economy, to organize action for the prevention of HIV/AIDS and for the care of those affected by HIV/AIDS. In line with one of the major recommendations emanating from UNGASS, the approach is grounded in communities’ activities and mobilization, to enable them to rise to the challenge of HIV/AIDS. The approach builds on the extensive experience gained by ILO/STEP and its development partners in exploring the potential of decentralized systems such as micro-insurance to extend coverage of social protection in health.

November 2001

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    Brainstorm Workshop on ILO/UNIFEM Programme - The Care Economy, HIV/AIDS and the World of Work – Turin, 22-23 November 2001

    22 November 2001

April 2001

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    Social Finance Working Paper #25: Microfinance strategies for HIV/AIDS mitigation and prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa

    09 April 2001

November 2000

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    Employers' Handbook on Managing HIV/AIDS in the Workplace - HIV/AIDS Care and Support in the Workplace

    01 November 2000

June 2000

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    Draft of the Resolution concerning HIV/AIDS and the world of work

    01 June 2000