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  1. Our impact, their voices

    Zimbabwe: The rewards of going green

    29 July 2019

    The ILO’s Green enterPrize helps support green and growth-oriented small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Zimbabwe. Several winners say the competition has been a big help for their companies.

  2. Future of work

    Pacific tripartite high level forum on climate change and decent work

    Following the adoption of the ILO's centenary declaration, government, workers and employers representatives from 11 Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand will meet to discuss how to develop a human-centered approach to the future of work in the Pacific region.

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    How social cooperatives help informal workers

    16 July 2019

    Does organizing informal workers into their own cooperatives help them? Most certainly. Let me tell you about two poor salt-pan workers from the Little Rann of Kutch (LRK), Gujarat, India.

  4. Event

    The Socioeconomic Impacts of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

    This session will explore the linkages between the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) and the Just Transition. In particular, the webinar will shed light on the employment impacts of NDC-related climate action and how can governments use evidence-based research to advise policy.

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    New report

    Increase in heat stress predicted to bring productivity loss equivalent to 80 million jobs

    01 July 2019

    Global warming is expected to result in an increase in work-related heat stress, damaging productivity and causing job and economic losses. The poorest countries will be worst affected.

  6. Media advisory

    ILO to launch new report on work-related heat stress

    28 June 2019

  7. Day 10: 108th International Labour Conference

    Marshall Islands, Belgium, highlight climate threats, technological change

    20 June 2019

    More than thirty world leaders have addressed the two-week International Labour Conference, which this year marks the Centenary of the ILO. They expressed support for the ILO’s social justice mandate and called for global action for a just future of work.

  8. News

    ILO contributes to a conference in Turkey on renewable energy through a video message

    14 June 2019

  9. Day 5: 108th International Labour Conference - Thematic Forum

    Life-long learning for a brighter future of work

    14 June 2019

    A forum held as part of the International Labour Organization’s annual conference, which this year marks the ILO’s Centenary, explored the link between jobs, skills and the policy reforms needed to support the labour market of the future.

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    Global Forum

    Boosting Skills for a Just Transition and the Future of Work

    06 June 2019