GAIN Webinar Series

GAIN Webinars offer an opportunity to collaborate and share resources by providing a platform where members can work internally and externally on GAIN’s mission-related topics. This Webinar Series will host six webinars per year, therefore one every two months.

GAIN Webinar Series aims to become an active and interactive platform for knowledge sharing and dissemination. In this context while most of the webinar topics will be proposed and organised by the ILO Green Jobs Programme, GAIN is also offering the opportunity to its members to facilitate and lead the sessions.

ILO Green Jobs will organize its next webinars with a focus on the following areas:

(i) Green jobs assessments applying the GAIN standardised methodology or other similar methodological approaches – Date: 24 July 2018
(ii) Ongoing GAIN activities such as trainings – Date: September 2018 

Webinars facilitated by GAIN members would potentially cover the following themes:

(i) Green jobs country assessments and research made by GAIN members
(ii) Discussions around the methodologies used for assessing social and employment outcomes of green policies, their limitations and the potential for improvement
(iii) The link between green policies and their social and employment outcomes.

Interested to host a webinar? 

GAIN next webinar:

Research meets policy: The relevance of COP24 climate negotiations for research and vice versa
29 January 2019, 4 pm – 5 pm (CET, UTC+1)

This session will discuss the relationship between climate negotiations and research. First, the webinar will shed light on how research guides climate policy by presenting the outstanding report of The New Climate Economy (2018): Unlocking the inclusive growth story of the 21st century: accelerating climate action in urgent times. Thereafter, the discussion will focus on the outcomes of the COP24 climate negotiations and what they mean for research and economic modelling.

The main learning outcomes are:

  • Developing a better understanding of the linkages between (climate) policy negotiations and high-quality research aimed at modelling the Just Transition.
  • Deepening understanding of the economic and employment implications of a ‘21st Century Growth’ based on a sustainable development path.
  • Taking stock of the COP24 Climate Negotiations.

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