The ILO's Green Jobs Global Team

The ILO works through a team of specialists at headquarters and in the field offices. Beyond the green jobs specialists, a Global Green Jobs Network engages technical specialists in other policy areas to promote environmental sustainability in the context of Decent Work.

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Geneva Headquarters
Moustapha Kamal Gueye - Unit Head, Green Jobs Programme (GREEN)
Camilla Roman - Policy Specialist (GREEN)
Monica Castillo - Senior Technical Specialist (GREEN)
Marek Harsdorff - Technical Officer (GREEN)
Carolina Ferreira E Silva- Programme Technical Officer (GREEN)
Tahmina Mahmud - Junior Programme Technical Officer (GREEN)
Mette Grangaard Lund - Junior Professional Officer (GREEN)
Sarah Gondy - Junior Professional Officer (GREEN)
Mangeye Terumalai - Administrative Assistant (GREEN)
Karuna Pal - Head, Programming, Partnerships & Knowledge-Sharing Unit (SOCPRO)
Martin Oelz - Senior Specialist, Equality and Non-Discrimination (GED)
Jean-François Klein - Senior Administrator (EMPLOYMENT)
Michelle Leighton - Branch Chief (MIGRANT)
Catherine Saget - Senior Technical Specialist and Team Leader (RESEARCH)
Manal Azzi - Senior Specialist on Occupation Safety and Health (LABADMIN/OSH)
Lene Olsen - Senior Programme and Operations Specialist (ACTRAV)
José Luis Viveros Añorve - Employers' Activities Officer (ACTEMP)
Casper Edmonds - Head, Manufacturing, Mining and Energy Unit (SECTOR/MME)
Pawel Gmyrek Senior Operations and Policy Analysis Officer (DDG/FOP)
Massimiliano La Marca - Senior Technical Specialist (MULTILATERALS)
Valter Nebuloni - Unit Head, Youth Employment (YEP)
Susana Puerto Gonzalez - Research and Technical Specialist (EMPLAB)
Peter Rademaker - Unit Head, Development Partners Relations (DPRU)
Githa Roelans - Unit Head, MNE and Enterprise Engagement (MULTI)
Valentina Stoevska - Senior Statistician (STATISTICS)
Olga Strietska-Ilina - Senior Specialist, Skills and Employability (SKILLS)
Mito Tsukamoto - Branch Chief (DEVINVEST)
Elma Meijboom - Junior Professional Officer (DPRU)
Simel Esim - Unit Head (COOP)
Adam Bowers - Planning and Coordination Officer (DCOMM)
Patricia Richter - Senior Technical Officer (SFU)
Fayçal Siddkou Boureima - Technical Specialist (Abidjan)
Roberto Pes - Senior Specialist, Enterprise Development and Job Creation (Senegal)
Alice Vozza - Skills and Lifelong Learning Specialist (South Africa)
Jens Dyring Christensen - Senior Specialist, Enteprise Development and Job Creation (South Africa)
Matilda Dahlquist - Junior Professional Officer (South Africa)
Jealous Chirove - Employment Specialist (Tanzania)
Rukia Lukanza - National Project Coordinator (Tanzania)
Asia and the Pacific
Cristina Martinez - Senior Specialist, Environment and Decent Work (Thailand)
Jie Zhou - National Project Manager (China)
Shahabuddin Khan - Programme Officer (Bangladesh)
Georgina Pascual - National Project Coordinator (Philippines)
Hideki Kagohashi - Specialist, Enterprise Development (Philippines)
Arab States
Shaza Ghaleb Jondi - Chief Technical Adviser (Lebanon)
Ana Belén Sanchez Lopez - Green Jobs Specialist (Mexico)
Alvaro Ramirez Bogantes - Specialist, Sustainable Enterprises, Skills Development (Costa Rica)
Christoph Ernst - Specialist, Employment and Productive Development (Argentina)
Fleur Rondelez - Communication and Information Management Asssistant (Belgium)
Daniel Smith - Liaison and Research/Programming Officer (Europe)
Linda Deelen - Manager ITC-ILO (Turin)