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Global Programme on Employment Injury Insurance and Protection (GEIP)

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Policy Advisory Services

The Global Programme on Employment Injury Insurance and Protection (GEIP) provides policy advisory services to enterprises and social security schemes to assess employment injury insurance systems (EII). The Programme undertakes policy reviews of national policy and institutional EII systems along the guidance provided by Convention 121 on Employment Injury Benefits. Actuarial and financial review of the EII systems are also provided, as well as audit of the social security system.

The Programme also provides other specific services, such as ratemaking for prevention, occupational disability assessments or return-to-work programme design.
The Programme works closely with enterprises to help them with the design of innovative registration and benefit delivery measures adapted to their realities. The Programme also offers advice on labour inspection compliance (large enterprises) and other public advocacy approaches for SMEs’ business case

Finally, the Programme is ultimately supporting member States in their commitment towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) namely the monitoring of target 1.3 of SDG 1 and indicator 1.3.1 to measure progress on the proportion of employed population covered in the event of work injury and also the monitoring of target 8.8 and its indicator 8.8.1 to measure the frequency rates of fatal and non-fatal occupational injuries, by sex and migrant status. It also facilitates the knowledge-sharing of international best practices in EII.

Capacity Building Services

The Programme provides assistance to improve employers and workers representatives understanding of social security EII governing boards. This is carried out through the provision of direct training and support to trainers’ programmes to strengthen the role of representatives of employers and workers on social security EII boards, namely to understand policy and financial considerations and developing monitoring and evaluation dashboards.

The Programme also provides EII disability assessment training for doctors and health providers, as well as knowledge-sharing for medical professionals in relation to EII disability assessments, reporting and follow-up at the health providers’ level and training on updating of occupational diseases list for EII scheme purposes.

Enterprise Level Services

The Programme provides several services directly at the enterprise level. It facilitates the compensation assessments at the enterprise level in case of work accident. It also assist large enterprises to create programmes for large enterprises on compliance with social security EII legislation. Finally, it also gives support to SME training programmes, public work programmes and other job-creation support programmes to facilitate the link between registration and claims in case of work injury.

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