News and events on the future of work

  1. Uber, the sharing economy and social dialogue

    21 November 2017

    Watch Uber Head of Work-Policy and Research Amit Singh and UNI Global Union General Secretary Philip Jennings discuss their views on the sharing economy and future of work. The two were at the ILO this week for a high-level seminar hosted by Permanent Mission of Belgium in Geneva.

  2. Jobs and Skills Mismatch – Job-rich growth for Sustainable Development

    On 27-28 November 2017, the Employment Policy Department will bring together researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and other stakeholders to review and discuss on-going research on demand for jobs and bottlenecks in developed and developing countries.

  3. The Future of Work in the Caribbean: What do we know? What do we need to know?

    A report on the findings will contribute towards the ILO global Initiative, including a constituent meeting to be convened by the ILO in 2018.

  4. ILO Global Commission homes in on key opportunities and challenges surrounding the future of work

    23 October 2017

  5. G7 Labour and Employment Ministers’ Declaration refers to cooperatives

    20 October 2017

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    Innovative firms are more competitive and create more jobs

    20 October 2017

    The ILO’s World Employment and Social Outlook 2017: Sustainable Enterprises and Jobs, released earlier this month shows innovative companies tend to be more productive, create more jobs and employ more skilled and female workers. ILO News discussed some of these findings with Marva Corley-Coulibaly, lead author of the report.

  7. High-level seminar on the “Sharing Economy and its Social Challenges”

    ILO and the Permanent Mission of Belgium will jointly hold a High-level seminar on the “Sharing Economy and its Social Challenges” in Room II (R3 level, South) at ILO headquarters, Geneva, from 3.30 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, 21 November, 2017.

  8. ILO to convene High-Level Symposium on “The Future of Work We Want: the Workers’ Perspective”

    13 October 2017

  9. The Future of Work We Want: the Workers’ Perspective

  10. The 9th edition of the ILO Social and Solidarity Economy Academy in Luxembourg

    06 October 2017

    The 9th edition of the ILO SSE Academy took place in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg from 25-29 September 2017. Over 120 participants from more than 30 countries participated in this Academy which focused on the Future of Work and exchanged experiences, best practices and challenges.