Publications on freedom of association

May 2022

  1. Employment Working Group

    Protecting workers in new forms of employment

    20 May 2022

    This paper prepared jointly by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the International Social Security Association (ISSA) for the 1st BRICS Employment Working Group meeting addresses the challenges of ensuring that workers in new forms of employment are covered by labour protection and social protection. It draws upon examples from BRICS countries, but also from other countries, to highlight the diverse solutions for a human-centred approach to the future of work, and highlights potential issues for further discussion.

  2. Executive Summary

    Social Dialogue Report 2022: Collective bargaining for an inclusive, sustainable and resilient recovery

    05 May 2022

  3. Flagship Report

    Social Dialogue Report 2022: Collective bargaining for an inclusive, sustainable and resilient recovery

    05 May 2022

    This first edition of this new ILO flagship report focuses on collective bargaining.

March 2022

  1. Publication

    Globalization and freedom of association and collective bargaining rights

    18 March 2022

    Chapter 2 in the Handbook on Globalisation and Labour Standards

February 2022

  1. Publication

    Collective bargaining outcomes on gender equality in France

    28 February 2022

  2. Publication

    Guidance on Bilateral labour migration agreements

    17 February 2022

    Bilateral labour migration agreements if based on international labour standards can be a key tool in labour migration governance which ensures safe, orderly and regular labour migration.

    To support the development of such agreements, this guidance was produced by a multi-stakeholder thematic working group under the United Nations Network on Migration, co-chaired by ILO with IOM.

November 2021

  1. Report

    Covid-19, Collective Bargaining and Social Dialogue

    18 November 2021

    This report attempts to shed light on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the process and outcomes of collective bargaining in particular and social dialogue more generally. It is based upon the responses of more than 200 trade union officials to an online global survey carried out between March and May of 2021 and includes the insights of frontline union negotiators who were subjected to in-depth interviews by the authors.

January 2021

  1. The Global Deal for Decent Work and Inclusive Growth - Thematic Brief

    The Contribution of Social Dialogue to Gender Equality

    20 January 2021

December 2020

  1. Trade for Decent Work

    Agenda: ILO-EU Trade for Decent Work Project - National Tripartite Consultative Workshop

    14 December 2020

November 2020

  1. ILO Working paper 15

    The Transformation of the Mexican Labour Regulation Model and its link to North American Economic Integration

    23 November 2020

    This paper examines the different phases and changes of the Mexican labour regulation model. It analyses the extent to which trade liberalization was pivotal in the recent labour regulation reforms – particularly in the area of freedom of association and collective bargaining –.