Publications on freedom of association

November 2018

  1. Publication

    Quick guide on sources and uses of collective bargaining statistics

    02 November 2018

    Collective bargaining statistics are crucial to assess labour markets but also the state of industrial relations. However, the particularities linked with the data sources and data quality make collective bargaining statistics a very challenging field of labour statistics. Get information about all the main aspects of collective bargaining statistics in this quick guide.

October 2018

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    TOR - Rights at Work: Promoting Harmonious Labour Relations through Collective Bargaining in China - midterm evaluation

    29 October 2018

    The ILO Country Office for China and Mongolia is seeking expressions of interest from qualified individuals to conduct an internal mid-term evaluation of “Rights at Work: Promoting Harmonious Labour Relations through Collective Bargaining in China”. More information please consult the attached TOR. The deadline to submit expression of interest for undertaking the evaluation is by 5.00 pm (Beijing time) on Friday, 9 November 2018. Please send an e-mail with the subject header “Evaluation of CB China Project” to the Evaluation Manager, Ms Zhou Jie ( and copied to Ms. Pamornrat Pringsulaka,

August 2018

  1. Publication

    India Wage Report: Wage policies for decent work and inclusive growth

    20 August 2018

    This report provides an overview of recent trends in wages, including wage gaps between different categories of workers, gender wage gaps, wages by sector and occupation, and trends in wage inequality. It analyses the existing market labour institutions and framework; particularly focussing on minimum wages and collective bargaining, and also suggests some policy-oriented recommendations.

July 2018

  1. Publication

    Social dialogue in the public service in selected countries of the European Union

    19 July 2018

    The aim of this paper is to analyse the regulation and practice of social dialogue in the public service at the European Union (EU) level and within a group of EU countries, with a focus on the forms of social dialogue other than collective bargaining and their evolution after the onset of the 2008 economic crisis.

  2. Book

    Collective Agreements: Extending Labour Protection

    04 July 2018

    This volume examines the extension of collective agreements and its use as a policy tool to expand the coverage of labour protection, and shore up collective bargaining.

June 2018

  1. Publication

    Freedom of association - Compilation of decisions of the Committee on Freedom of Association (PDF version)

    20 June 2018

    Sixth edition (2018)

  2. Conditions of Work and Employment Series No. 97

    Multi-employer collective bargaining in South Africa

    12 June 2018

    In South Africa, collective bargaining operates at multiple levels. The main distinction to draw is between single-employer bargaining and multi-employer bargaining.

May 2018

  1. Brochure

    Integrated Strategy on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work 2017-2023

    30 May 2018

  2. Publication

    New Zealand - Country baselines under the ILO Declaration (2000-2017)

    18 May 2018

  3. Publication

    Myanmar - Country baselines under the ILO Declaration (2000-2017)

    18 May 2018