"Capacity building to combat the Forced Labour outcomes of Human Trafficking" project flier

Project flier for the project "Capacity building to combat the Forced Labour outcomes of Human Trafficking".

The project had several objectives: First, it aimed to raise the awareness of national legislators and law enforcement agencies on the forced labour dimensions of trafficking as well as to provide assistance in the drafting of appropriate legislation
where relevant.
Second, it contributed to a review of legislation on and monitoring of Private Employment Agencies that may provide a cover for criminal trafficking activities. Many trafficked persons - whether they have been trafficked for labour or sexual
exploitation - are lured and deceived into exploitative work by semi-legal or outright criminal recruiters.
The project aimed to stimulate the exchange of information and good practice between European source, transit and destination countries. It was also designed to foster interagency cooperation at national level, in particular between labour market
institutions and other law enforcement agencies.
The training manual on the monitoring of Private Employment Agencies has been developed and tested in selected countries, namely Moldova, Romania and Ukraine. During the project period,
a new authority for the licencing of labour providers ("gangmasters")
has been established in the United Kingdom, and experience from this process was shared with other countries.