Forced Labour outcomes of migration from Moldova: rapid assessment

This Working Paper on trafficking for forced labour exploitation was prepared by a team of Moldovan researchers and ILO consultants.

In recent years, trafficking for sexual exploitation from Eastern to Western Europe has raised the attention of the media and policy makers. This paper argues, however, that the incidence of trafficking for labour exploitation is an important aspect of labour migration from Moldova. It also promotes a holistic approach to the eradication of trafficking with the active participation of labour market institutions in national action plans.
The results were first discussed during a tripartite workshop in Chisinau, Moldova in 2003. A follow-up workshop with representatives from government, workers and employers’ organisations as well as NGOs from four different countries of South-eastern Europe took place in January 2004. In the meantime, the government of Moldova has taken important steps to curb human trafficking, partly in collaboration with ongoing ILO project in the region.

Available in English and in Russian