Nordic Expert Seminar on trafficking for forced Labour

The seminar was organised in cooperation with ILO Special Action Programme to combat Forced Labour (SAP-FL), the OSCE office of the Special Representative and Coordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, and the UNODC Anti- Human Trafficking Unit as a part of its Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking. The goal of the seminar was to gather experts representing ministries, law enforcement, migration authorities as well as labour market parties.

Trafficking in human beings (THB) is the modern equivalent of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. It consists of a contemptuous abuse of poverty and the individual’s pursuit of a better living. The trafficking is controlled by organised crime and the annual turnover exceeds 30 billion USD. The purpose of trafficking is to exploit people sexually, in forced labour, in begging, for petty crime or for the forceful removal of organs.
The ILO has estimated that 360 000 people are involved in forced labour in the industrialised parts of the world: 75 percent of whom as a consequence of human trafficking. In the Nordic countries, the emphasis has hitherto been on sexual exploitation,
and we possess a lot of knowledge within this area. However, human trafficking for forced labour is on the rise in all of Europe, and it could be considered naive to view our countries of being exempt.
To address these issues, a Nordic Expert Seminar on trafficking for forced labour was held in Stockholm on 8–9 May, 2007. The event was hosted by the Swedish minister for Employment, Mr Sven Otto Littorin, and the Swedish Minister for Justice, Ms Beatrice Ask. This report was written to provide a summary of the discussions and presentations held during the seminar.
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