Human Trafficking Of Asian Citizens Into The Western Hemisphere

Hosted by Organization of American States (OAS), International Labor Organization (ILO), Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition (BSCC), Rescue and Restore Unity Coalition of Southern California, the conference will be held to discuss the trafficking of Asian migrants into the Western Hemisphere.

The following topics will be discussed: Understanding the Trafficking of Asian Citizens into the Western Hemisphere ( History of Asian Migration , Routes and Policies, Trafficking for Labor and Sexual Exploitation); Trafficking of Asian Citizens into the Western Hemisphere: The Asian Perspective (Fighting Trafficking in Persons: The People’s Republic of China, Thailand: National Policies, The Philippines, Korea), Specific Destinations into the Western Hemisphere (Canada, the US); Trafficking of Asian Citizens into the Western Hemisphere: The Americas Perspective (Transit Countries, The Caribbean Region, the Southern Cone, Suriname); The Role of International Organizations and Civil Society: Combating Trans-Pacific Trafficking in Persons (Human Trafficking of Chinese, the Vietnam Experience, Asian Sex Trafficking Networks in the US and Regional Transportation Routes, Patterns of Human Trafficking between Asia and the Americas: Confronting the Information Gap); “Identifying and Processing Organized Crime: the Pekin Case ”, “Closing the Gap: Mechanisms to Combat Trafficking in Persons between Asia and the Americas”