Tajikistan project flier

Project "Prevention of human trafficking through employment creation and improved migration management", (2007 - 2009)

The project aims to increase the level of human security of people from the Rasht region of Tajikistan with particular emphasis on the socio-economic needs of migrants and of women who were left behind without income. It is based on a two-pronged strategy:
Empowerment of people and communities through income-generating activities, vocational training and awareness raising.
Protection of Tajik migrant workers and their families through better migration management by building capacity of local community authorities.
The main beneficiaries of this project are: 1) Potential migrant workers at risk of trafficking; 2) Female-headed households that have to cope with the long-term consequences of largely male migration flows; and 3) Local community authorities, such as employment services, as well as the social partners.