Post-arrival orientation for migrant workers in Malaysia

In the context of its EU-funded Global Action to Improve the Recruitment Framework of Labour Migration (REFRAME), the ILO has piloted an intervention along the Nepal-Malaysia corridor aiming at addressing challenges in the recruitment practices and processes in the electronics sector.

Based on the recommendations of a mapping study carried out in 2019, a post-arrival orientation programme was developed in 2020 to provide information that is relevant for all migrant workers coming to or who are already present in Malaysia. Comprising of training facilitators’ guidelines and an information booklet, this material covers different areas to help migrant workers understand the overall living environment, including customs, cultural and religious norms of Malaysia, and their rights and obligations as migrant workers. It also provides useful information about challenges commonly faced by migrant workers and possible venues for seeking help.

While initially intended specifically for migrant workers from Nepal employed in the electronics sector, the material is relevant to all migrant workers employed in any sector in Malaysia.

Information Booklet

This booklet serves to help migrant workers, especially those who have newly arrived, to adapt to living and working conditions in Malaysia.

Facilitators' Guidelines

These Facilitators’ Guidelines are designed to contribute towards improving and supporting migrant workers’ access to information about their rights at work and access to services in Malaysia.