Publications on Equality and discrimination

May 1997

  1. ILO Convention No. 169

    Frequently asked questions on ILO Convention No. 169: Brochure

    20 May 1997

March 1997

  1. Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention

    ILO Convention No. 169: Brochure

    14 March 1997

    Through the ratification of the ILO Convention No. 169 which is the only instrument that will guarantee protection of the rights and respect for the integrity of indigenous peoples.

July 1995

  1. Publication

    European Labour Court. International and European labour standards in labour court decisions and jurisprudence on sex discrimination (LMR 82)

    27 July 1995

September 1992

  1. Publication

    Combating sexual harassment at work (Conditions of work digest 1/92)

    28 September 1992

    Presents information on measures to combat sexual harassment in the workplace. Provides an overview of action taken by intergovernmental organizations and of national legislation in 23 countries. Includes examples of practices at enterprise level and selected clauses of collective agreements.