Resources on Gender equality

  1. Press release

    New ILO Global Report on Equality at Work 2007 - Despite major progress, workplace discrimination persists and is taking on new forms

    10 May 2007

    Despite major advances in fighting discrimination at work, mounting inequalities in income and opportunities and significant and persistent forms of workplace discrimination are causing growing concern, according to a new report by the International Labour Office (ILO) published today.

  2. Press release

    Media Advisory: ILO to launch major comprehensive new report on discrimination in the world of work

    30 April 2007

    The International Labour Office (ILO) is to issue a major new report on 10 May on the state of discrimination in the world of work.

  3. Publication

    ILO Global Report Insidiousness and insecurity: The new face of discrimination and inequality in the world of work

    01 April 2007

    At workplaces where different people gather, one thing remains the same: despite major advances in addressing discrimination at work, inequalities between mainstream groups and those vulnerable to discrimination remain stubbornly persistent and continue to afflict millions of people worldwide.

  4. Resource list

    Resource Guide - Gender equality in the world of work

    23 March 2007

    This resource guide provides gender equality information via links to both ILO and UN publications, statistics, ILO Conventions and Recommendations, as well as other ILO/UN resources in Regional Offices around the world.

  5. Resource list

    ILO Publications on Gender Issues and Women at Work

    13 February 2007

  6. Event

    International Women's Day: Celebrating working women - Breaking boundaries, driving change

    In keeping with the ILO commitment to gender equality and the improvement of working conditions for women, the International Labour Organization (ILO) celebrates International Women's Day each year by hosting a round table discussion highlighting the role and/or achievements of women in a particular field of work.

  7. Publication

    Helping micro and small enterprises cope with HIV/AIDS - A handbook for small business associations and service providers

    01 January 2007

    This handbook attempts to respond to the needs and constraints of small and micro enterprises, formal or informal, by providing practical guidance for those who regulate, advise and support them. The objectives of the handbook are to raise awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on micro and small enterprise owners, managers and workers and to offer policy and technical guidance to the individuals and institutions that provide support and services to small businesses.

  8. Publication

    Building entrepreneurial capacity for returnee and refugee women in Angola and Mozambique

    01 June 2006

    ILO-UNHCR Partnership through Technical Cooperation

  9. Publication

    The employment relationship. Report 95 V (2A)

    08 March 2006

    Compiles the replies of governments and of employers' and workers' organizations to a questionnaire on the employment relationship. Includes the ILO's evaluation in view of a proposed Recommendation.

  10. Publication

    Factsheets: A workplace policy and programme on HIV/AIDS

    01 January 2006

    Complete set of factsheets on: A workplace policy and programme on HIV/AIDS: - How to get started - How to tackle stigma and discrimination - How to provide a prevention programme - How to provide care, support and treatment - How to tackle gender inequality - The legal and policy framework