Resources on Gender equality

  1. Gender equality at the heart of decent work, Campaign 2008-09

    From high fashion ‘alta moda’ to dress-making in Ukraine

    17 December 2008

    At 16 per cent, the region of Chernivtsi in Ukraine has the highest unemployment rate in the country and the lowest number of women employed. This is why the region was chosen for an ILO project, funded by Development Cooperation Ireland, that addresses the root causes of labour migration and tries to stem irregular migration and trafficking through training, job placement and entrepreneurial activities. ILO Online reports from Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

  2. Publication

    Issues: December 2008

    09 December 2008

    Among the topics covered in this edition are the findings of a new report on Labour and Social Trends in ASEAN, the ILO's global gender campaign, women's pay in Bangladesh, workplace practices to combat avian and pandemic human influenza, strategies for extending social security coverage, human trafficking for labour exploitation, and migration policies.

  3. Meeting document

    Discussion Paper: Gender Dimensions of Globalization

    14 November 2008

    A discussion paper presented at the meeting on “Globalisation – Decent Work and Gender”, September 4, 2008, a side-event to the Oslo Conference on Decent Work – A key to Social Justice for a Fair Globalisation

  4. Gender Equality

    From Veil to Camera: Empowering women through skills training

    13 November 2008

    In many countries, women face more barriers than men to acquire the necessary skills to use new technologies and to start innovative economic activities. For the 60 per cent of women employed in agriculture in South Asia, access to quality education, skills training and entrepreneurship development tools not only represents a way out of poverty, but also provides them with opportunities of empowerment in the world of technology, as this ILO Online report from central India shows.

  5. Gender equality campaign

    Slideshow - Rights, jobs and social security: New visions for older women and men

    27 October 2008

    Increases in life expectancy involve many changes. In absolute terms this is a sign of progress. The majority of the world's population, however, does not have entitlements to any form of old-age pension. This means that for many persons living longer also means living with scarcity for longer periods of time. Poverty in old age is a key issue of concern.

  6. Remove the obstacles – Gender Equality at the Heart of Decent Work Campaign 2008-09

    Working in a ‘man’s world’: women in the Fiji police force

    08 October 2008

    There are higher proportions of women in public services worldwide, and an increasing number of equal opportunities policies exist globally. Nevertheless the ILO Discrimination (Employment and Occupation) Convention (No. 111) adopted in 1958 remains as relevant today as it was in the late 1950s – in the Pacific region and elsewhere. An interview with Kasanita Seruvatu, former Director of Training in the Fijian Police and now Training Advisor to the Samoa Police, who was spearheading initiatives in the two countries to create a stronger ethnic and gender balance and empower women to take up challenging roles in the police force over the last 10 years.

  7. Publication

    Brochure - Rights, jobs and social security: New visions for older women and men

    01 October 2008

    October 2008 theme of the Gender equality at the heart of decent work Campaign, 2008-2009

  8. Gender

    ILO Gender Equality campaign highlights need for rights, jobs and social security for older women and men

    01 October 2008

    Despite increasing international attention to ageing societies and older persons, in many societies, older persons and especially older women, still face age discrimination in the workplace and lack access to rights, jobs and social security, the International Labour Office said today on the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons.

  9. Document

    Rights, jobs and social security: New visions for older women and men

    30 September 2008

    October 2008 theme of the Gender Equality at the Heart of Decent Work Campaign, 2008-2009

  10. Gender, Migration and Development

    ILO welcomes Manila Call to Action to protect rights of migrant women

    30 September 2008

    Governments from 38 countries, trade unions, employers’ organizations, the private sector, civil society organizations including women’s and religious associations, academe and international organizations adopted a Manila Call to Action here to enhance opportunities and protect the rights of migrant women and their families all over the world.