Resources on social finance

  1. The ILO and IFC launch Community of Practice among insurers to reduce the protection gap for women

    11 May 2021

    New partnership will lead 21 insurance-industry organizations from 16 countries to better understand and serve the women’s insurance market—supporting both financial inclusion and employment opportunities for women.

  2. Financing Decent Work

    Join Social Finance and the ITCILO in June and July for the second edition of the “Financing Decent Work” online course. During the training, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to engage in national consultations on SDG finance. You will also become an advocate for the inclusion of Decent Work considerations in national financing strategies and their successful implementation.

  3. ILO’s Cooperatives Unit and Social Finance Programme co-organize an elective session at the Rural development academy 2021

    29 April 2021

    ILO’s Cooperatives Unit and Social Finance Programme co-organized an elective on “Sustainable Finance and Cooperatives in Rural Areas” to highlight the role of cooperatives in the rural economy and access to financial services through a range of traditional and emerging financial service providers.

  4. Enterprises Monthly Newsletter

    29 April 2021

  5. Social Finance Brief: Designing emergency loans - the experience of Dvara KGFS

    28 April 2021

    Dvara KGFS is a non-banking financial company (NBFC) based in India. Since its inception in 2008, Dvara KGFS has strived to build a unique model to meet the financial needs of rural customers to promote wealth creation. Over the past few years, Dvara KGFS has worked on offering a redesigned emergency loan product.

  6. Financial education for refugees and host communities – Trainee’s booklet

    26 April 2021

    This trainee's booklet on financial education targets primarily refugees, internally displaced persons and host communities who wish to improve their money management. The booklet introduces basic knowledge, skills and tools related to earning, spending, budgeting and using financial services such as savings, credit, money transfers and insurance. The trainee's booklet was produced under the project "Partnership for improving prospects for forcibly displaced persons and host communities" (PROSPECTS).

  7. Call for expression of interest: A toolbox of policy options and instruments to improve access to finance for an enabling environment for sustainable MSMEs

    20 April 2021

  8. From cash to digital wage payments in the Philippines: Win-win for enterprises and women employees

    12 April 2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the development and adoption of digital payments, however challenges remain, particularly for low-income women workers and small enterprises. The ILO, in partnership with Women’s World Banking, assessed the awareness, use and acceptance of digital wage payments among enterprises and workers in the Philippines. The research study analyses the financial behaviors and attitudes of Filipino workers and the benefits and challenges for enterprises and workers to move from cash to digital wage payments. The study discusses the importance to capitalize on the momentum created by an enabling environment and the pandemic to scale the transition from cash to digital and drive the wide adoption and usage of responsible digital wage payments.

  9. Rural Development Academy 2021

    Decent and sustainable work in the rural economy is essential to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and its overarching objective of leaving no one behind. Rural areas provide livelihoods and employment for millions of women and men in Africa, in agriculture as well as in rural non-farm activities. Work in rural areas, however, is often characterized by decent work deficits, including governance gaps, informality, underdeveloped production systems and limited access to services, infrastructure and social protection. Some of these deficits have further been exacerbated by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. The 2021 edition of the Rural Development Academy will focus on the African region, and will be held virtually using the online learning methods on both self-learning as well as more interactive and participatory methods. This allows for a more in-depth and focussed approach to the topics, as well as wider participation of constituents and stakeholders from the region, as well as those interested in promoting decent work in the rural economy in the African region.

  10. Building resilience and COVID-19 recovery for Lao PDR’s micro, small and medium enterprises

    08 April 2021

    As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ILO with funding from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation launches new project promoting resilience and recovery of Lao PDR’s micro, small and medium enterprises.