Emerging Insight: Seizing the women's insurance market

Article | 08 March 2024
The IFC and ILO have recently published a guide to help insurers, distributors, insurtech companies, and other stakeholders build their own women’s market strategy and design appropriate insurance solutions for women. While there is a vast opportunity for both insurers and women, insurers are often unaware of this opportunity, or perhaps unsure about how to seize it. To remedy the situation, this guide breaks down the process into manageable steps, presented as a roadmap.

The roadmap outlines six crucial steps for insurers to establish and strengthen their presence in the women's insurance market. Each step involves simple, practical, and cost-effective activities, as well as tools, to move forward. From making a solid business case to mainstreaming buy-in across all business units, the guide advocates for a holistic approach. It underscores the importance of timely action, encouraging insurers to leverage the first-mover advantage and implement women's insurance programs. By embracing these insights, insurers not only stand to grow a sustainable market share but also contribute to building resilient, equitable and sustainable markets.

To learn more about actualising the transformative possibilities with the women's insurance market, explore the guide Driving better business results with women’s insurance.