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  1. Publication

    Helping small businesses prevent substance abuse

    01 January 2003

    Provides background information and a framework for the development and implementation of a prevention-oriented approach to workplace substance abuse.

  2. Instructional material

    Integrated Rural Accessibility Planning (IRAP) Modular Training Package

    01 January 2003

  3. Publication

    Social Finance Working Paper #31: The demand for risk-managing financial services in low-income communities

    01 November 2002

    Evidence from Zambia

  4. Publication

    Social Finance Working Paper #30: A field study of microinsurance in the Philippines

    01 October 2002

  5. Publication

    Corporate success through people. Making International Labour Standards work for you

    10 September 2002

    Discusses the interrelationship between best management practices and international labour standards by presenting numerous case studies from both large and small companies from different regions and industries.

  6. Publication

    Social Finance Working Paper #29: Micro-insurance in Burkina Faso

    01 September 2002

  7. Publication

    Social Finance Working Paper #28: Equipment finance for small contractors in public work programmes

    01 June 2002

  8. Publication

    Using the ILO Code of Practice and training manual - Guidelines for trade unions

    01 May 2002

  9. Publication

    Good practice study in Shanghai on employment services for the informal economy

    01 April 2002

    Working paper on the informal economy 2002/6

  10. Publication

    Employment-Intensive Infrastructure Programmes: Capacity building for contracting in the construction Sector

    01 January 1999

    Provides a set of guidelines for programmes which aim to integrate cost-effective employment-intensive approaches into infrastructure works while respecting basic labour standards and working conditions.