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    Trade unions take actions to promote gender-balanced workplace for SMEs

    24 September 2021

    The ILO’s SCORE Programme in Indonesia collaborated with trade union confederations, through a series of gender equality trainings, to assist Indonesian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in creating equal opportunities for women and men at work.

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    Training Equitably: Gender-Sensitive Approaches to Supporting Women in Business

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    A young entrepreneur builds an innovative business from traditional food

    23 September 2021

    As part of the joint UN programme, the ILO provides an entrepreneurship training to help youth and other vulnerable groups to build and improve their businesses in the midst of pandemic.

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    Entrepreneurship skills for Venezuelan migrants and refugees

    15 September 2021

    ILO Chief technical advisor, María Olave, explains how the ILO has provided entrepreneurship training to Venezuelan migrants and refugees in Ecuador and Peru during the COVID-19 pandemic. Well over five million Venezuelans have become refugees and migrants in recent years, the majority of whom are living in neighbouring countries in Latin America.

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    Documenting the achievements of the EESE programme in Mozambique

    14 September 2021

    A case study of the pilot project “Resilient Business in Beira”

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    PROSPECTS Uganda: Dutch envoy inspired by refugees in Nakivale Settlement

    06 September 2021

    Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Uganda met with young refugees at the country’s oldest refugee settlement, and examined impact of ILO's entrepreneurship training programme, implemented with the support of PROSPECTS.

  7. COVID-19 and the World of Work

    From Volcanoes to Cultural Trade

    31 August 2021

    Sandrine Wallez is the founder of ‘Alternative Communities Trade In Vanuatu’ - ACTIV. A former volcanologist, she speaks to us about her role in the UN’s Informal Economies Recovery Project and the current state of the cultural and creative industry in Vanuatu

  8. COVID-19 and the World of Work

    IFAD statement for the August edition of the MPTF Informal Economies Recovery Project Monthly Newsletter

    31 August 2021

    IFAD Country Director, Pacific Island States, Tawfiq El-Zabri

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    Enterprises Monthly Newsletter

    31 August 2021

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    Learning from the best: ILO’s SCORE and APINDO’s digital Master Class series attract 350 businesses from the culinary and fashion industries

    26 August 2021

    In cooperation with the Indonesian Employers’ Association (APINDO), the ILO’s SCORE Programme provided digital trainings to assist hundreds of culinary and fashion micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to maintain their productivity during the pandemic.