Small matters: Who is providing jobs in sectors at risk from COVID-19?

Small enterprises are incredibly important. ILO’s 2019 Small Matters report showed that own-account workers and micro-enterprises alone (the smallest economic units) provide more than half of global employment.

This infographic highlights the own-account workers, micro-enterprises and larger enterprises that operate formally and informally, in the seven sectors considered at risk. The smallest economic units are particularly important because they provide a livelihood for over 800 million workers in the highlighted sectors. Approximately 8 out of 10 of these workers are in the informal economy.

How to read the figures

Figures are in millions and are rounded to 2 decimal points to represent the data in the sectors where the numbers are lower than 100,000. For example, 59.09m represents 59,090,000 jobs; and 0.08 is the same as 80,000 jobs.