The ILO’s provision of technical assistance to promote an enabling environment for sustainable enterprises

This publication outlines the technical assistance activities carried out by the ILO to help Member States to achieve an enabling business environment that is conducive to the development of sustainable enterprises. The Enabling Environment for Sustainable Enterprises (EESE) work supports ILO constituents’ efforts to conduct assessments aimed at identifying barriers and develop action plans to favor the creation of sustainable enterprises and decent jobs.

The technical assistance provided under the EESE programme encompasses a range of diverse activities, including assessments and diagnostic studies, enterprise surveys, identification of reforms and policies, institutional assessments, social dialogue, specific technical and sectoral studies, technical workshops and training, and support with the implementation of action plans.
ILO staff from various units at headquarters and the field offices, along with external experts, work together and draw on their technical knowledge to implement all these activities. Of critical importance for the delivery of technical assistance is the cooperation established between the EESE team in the Enterprises Department on the one hand, and the ILO Bureau for Employers’ Activities and the ILO Bureau for Workers’ Activities on the
This publication identifies the main characteristics of ILO technical assistance aimed at supporting an enabling business environment. Such technical assistance is expected to continue playing an important role in the ILO’s efforts to support the development of sustainable enterprises worldwide.