Post Covid-19 EESE Assessment of MSME trends and policies in Georgia

The ILO commissioned a follow-up study in 2021, based on the findings of the 2016 ILO EESE assessment report, delving further into some of the priority areas identified in this first report.

In particular, the follow-up study examined more in-depth major bottlenecks and possible solutions in selected policy areas (taxation and SMEs financing) which were jointly agreed by the GEA and ILO. At the same time, it was equally proposed that the follow-up study takes into account that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, today’s economic context is very different from that of 2016. As such, it was proposed that the first part of the follow-up study offer an overview of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Georgian enterprises, based on existing data and surveys, as this preliminary analysis might also point to priority areas for intervention that did not come up in the previous assessment.