Publications on informal economy

  1. Publication

    Leaflet on Recommendation (No. 200): Prevent HIV, Protect Human Rights

    16 June 2011

  2. Book

    The Role of Collective Bargaining in the Global Economy: Negotiating for Social Justice

    30 May 2011

    This book looks at the role that collective bargaining plays in ensuring that workers are able to obtain a fair share of the benefits arising from participation in the global economy and in providing a measure of security against the risk to employment and wages.

  3. Publication

    Informal employment in Namibia 2008

    11 March 2011

    This paper reports on analysis of data from Namibia’s 2008 Labour Force Survey (LFS) so as to describe and compare informal and formal employment in the country. The paper is based on an understanding of informal employment which goes beyond the traditional concept of “informal sector”.

  4. Publication

    Mainstreaming environmental issues in sustainable enterprises: An exploration of issues, experiences and options

    21 January 2011

    Employment Working Paper No. 75

  5. Publication

    A study on informal apprenticeship in Malawi

    06 January 2011

    Employment Sector - Employment Report No. 9

  6. Publication

    What role for labour market policies and institutions in development? Enhancing security in developing countries and emerging economies

    17 December 2010

    Employment Working Paper No. 67

  7. Publication

    Extending the scope of application of labour laws to the informal economy

    15 April 2010

    Digest of comments of the ILO’s supervisory bodies related to the informal economy

  8. Publication

    News@ILO, March 2010

    01 March 2010

    The March 2010 e-newsletter of the ILO in Asia and the Pacific contains the latest news from the regional office, a feature on India's Decent Work Country Programme, a selection of the latest publications, and details of forthcoming events and meetings.

  9. Publication

    Zanzibar. Social protection expenditure and performance review and social budget

    14 January 2010

    Zanzibar's lack of social protection has left it vulnerable during the current financial crisis and economic downturn, and basic social services are urgently required. The ILO-DFID funded project sets out the current situation of existing social transfers within Zanzibar's social protection system.

  10. Publication

    ILO, WTO joint study on trade and informal employment: Globalization and Informal Jobs in Developing Countries

    01 December 2009

    This study finds that the high incidence of informal employment in the developing world suppresses countries’ ability to benefit from trade opening by creating poverty traps for workers in job transition. It is a product of the collaborative research programme of the ILO International Institute for Labour Studies and the WTO Secretariat.