Publications on informal economy

  1. International Migration Papers No. 94

    Irregular Economic Activities of Migrant in the Czech Republic

    01 October 2009

    Migrants' informal economic activities are closely linked with the phenomenon of irregular migration, as these activities are very often carried out by irregular migrants (very broadly and simply characterized - as those without necessary basic documents that woudl enable them to come/stay/work in a new destination country).

  2. Publication

    Promoting occupational health services for workers in the informal economy through primary care units

    15 September 2009

    This working paper reviews and analyses the substantial efforts of the primary care units(PCU)in different districts under the guidance of the Bureau for Occupational and Environmental Diseases of the Ministry of Public Health. The paper highlights the impact of their efforts and recommends the next important steps at both national policy and provincial levels.

  3. Publication

    Understanding informal apprenticeship – Findings from empirical research in Tanzania

    15 July 2009

    Employment Working Paper No. 32

  4. Publication

    2008 Labour Overview. Latin America and the Caribbean

    01 July 2009

    This edition provides evidence of the effects of an unprecedented international crisis that has cast a shadow over the global economy and is reflected in the employment situation in the region. Employment will be a challenge in 2009. As ILO Director-General, Juan Somavia stated, "The ILO's message is realistic, not alarmist" with respect to this situation.

  5. Publication

    Working Paper No. 86 - The unpaid care work - paid work connection

    01 May 2009

  6. Publication

    Tanzania Mainland. Social protection expenditure and performance review and social budget

    18 February 2009

    This report takes into account demographic and macroeconomic information specific to mainland Tanzania and makes projections from a baseline year based on the two types of social protection schemes - contributory and non-contributory.

  7. Publication

    Zambia. Social protection expenditure and performance review and social budget

    12 February 2009

    This report, a review of the output of the first year's work of the project, examines the objective of extending social protection coverage in the country.

  8. Publication

    Working Paper No. 91 - Decent work and informal employment: A survey of workers in Glen View, Harare

    01 July 2008

  9. Publication

    Working Paper No. 90 - Employment, unemployment and informality in Zimbabwe: Concepts and data for coherent policy-making

    01 July 2008

  10. Publication

    Skills, productivity and employment growth. The case of Latin America

    24 June 2008

    The aim of this study is to illustrate the relations between training and workers' skills, productivity and the growth of quality employment in societies in Latin America by means of an analysis of the existing information and case studies of four different countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru). A review of the activities of ...