Employment services: Key resources

December 2020

  1. Publication

    Operational Guidelines for Employment and Youth Employability Services (YES) centres in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

    11 December 2020

  2. Publication

    A synthesis: Operational guidelines and their application to Ethiopia’s Employment and Youth Employability Services (YES) centres in the Amhara Region, Ethiopia

    11 December 2020

  3. Publication

    Legal, financial and administrative considerations for an employment insurance system in Indonesia

    02 December 2020

    The present report brings together additional research and findings concerning the potential introduction of employment insurance in Indonesia. It provides background and context to the ongoing dialogue on the subject as well as some preliminary insights on what could be achievable.

November 2020

  1. Infographic

    ILO maps out how Public Employment Services are using technology to improve service delivery

    30 November 2020

  2. Publication

    Global Study on Recruitment Fees and Related Costs

    27 November 2020

    A global study that examines the laws and policies of 90 countries, as well as numerous bilateral labour agreements and multi-stakeholder initiatives to identify the efforts Member States have made to regulate or prohibit recruitment fees and costs charged to workers. The global study supported the ILO’s adoption of the Definition of Recruitment Fees and Related Costs, which is to be read in conjunction with the ILO’s General Principles and Operational Guidelines on Fair Recruitment.

  3. Malaysia Decent Work Country Programme

    Promoting decent work for sustainable development

    20 November 2020

    The Malaysia Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP) 2019–20 provides a framework for the first of two phases of structured cooperation between the ILO, the Government of Malaysia, the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) and the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC).

  4. COVID-19 and the world of work

    COVID-19 and the English- and Dutch-speaking Caribbean labour market. A rapid assessment of the impact on policy responses at the end of Q3, 2020

    09 November 2020

    The report aims to take stock of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the labour market in the region and provide a systematic review of the main policy measures implemented by governments and social partners of the region. The information contained herein is actualized to the month of October 2020. By the very nature of the COVID-19 crisis and of the areas under investigation, changes may be fast paced as well as there may be availability of new data. The reader is advised to be mindful of those developments.

October 2020

  1. Research brief

    Migration cost survey among Indonesian and Filipina domestic workers in Malaysia

    22 October 2020

    This research brief presents the findings of the survey on migration cost of Indonesian and Filipina domestic workers in Malaysia. The survey is guided by the ILO’s 2019 General Principles and Operational Guidelines for Fair Recruitment and Definition of Recruitment Fees and Related Costs and builds on previous studies conducted by the World Bank-led Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD).

  2. Fact sheet

    ILO-FCDO Partnership programme on fair recruitment and decent work for women migrant workers in South Asia and the Middle East – Phase II - Project fact sheet

    15 October 2020

September 2020

  1. Fair recruitment

    Recruitment agency business practices and role of intermediaries in the foreign employment industry in Pakistan

    24 September 2020

    This study employs a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies for the profiling of recruitment intermediaries, understanding their business practices and developing a set of recommendations for effective management.