Employment services: Key resources

February 2003

  1. Publication

    Public-private partnerships in employment services

    01 February 2003

    EMP/SKILLS Working Paper No. 17

January 2003

  1. Publication

    Guidelines for establishing emergency public employment services

    01 January 2003

    Describes the role of employment services in post-crisis labour markets. Presents detailed guidelines on setting up and running a public employment service (PES).

April 2002

  1. Publication

    Good practice study in Shanghai on employment services for the informal economy

    01 April 2002

    Working paper on the informal economy 2002/6

January 2001

  1. Publication

    The public employment service in a changing labour market

    18 January 2001

January 1999

  1. Publication

    Employment services: An introduction guide

    01 January 1999

    Provides an introduction to the functions and operations of public employment services, identifies the main features of an effective service, and introduces issues of concern for their future development.

July 1998

  1. Publication

    Employment Service: An introductory guide

    17 July 1998

    The role of employment services in creating new jobs is marginal and limited but their contribution to employment promotion is direct and significant. Effective employment services are vital for the smoother operation of labour markets and are a key intermediary in matching jobseekers with available jobs.

January 1998

  1. Publication

    Public employment services in English-speaking Africa : proposals for re-organisation

    01 January 1998