Construction of low volume sealed roads : good practice guide to labour-based methods

The Guideline is primarily targeted at Small-Scale Contractors and their Supervisors who are involved in low-volume road works using Labour Based Methods (LBM).

Instructional material | 01 May 2013
Provides essential design standards and specifications for road construction and also gives a set of best practice guidelines, and recommendations on practical work methods for labour-based construction. Documents innovative low-volume road design, construction and maintenance methods, procedures and best practices tried and proven through research and actual implementation works carried out in South Africa over the last ten years, which have been replicated in several countries including Indonesia, Tanzania and Kenya.

1. Introduction --
2. Labour-based construction --
3. Setting out --
4. Site clearing and earthworks --
5. Pavement layers --
6. Drainage --
7. Concrete works --
8. Sealing options using employment intensive methods.