Masonry works

Trainer’s Guide for Rural Masons - Learning Unit 3  Masonry works

Training kit for rural masons

Instructional material | 01 March 2017
The purpose of this Learning Unit is to: enable a rural mason to build various masonry structures using brick, block or stone and fix ready-to-install doors, windows and ventilators.
By the end of this Learning Unit the rural mason should be able to:
(i) Manage excavation works for foundations,
(ii) Construct foundations for rural houses,
(iii) Perform brick masonry for construction of foundations, footings, load bearing and non-load bearing walls, columns, and including plinths and DPC,
(iv) Perform rubble stone masonry for construction of foundation walls, including plinths and DPC,
(v) Fix ready-to-install doors, windows, lintels and ventilators,
(vi) Carry out pointing and plastering of wall surfaces, and
(vii) Lay IPS floor slabs.