Basic Knowledge

Trainer’s Guide for Rural Masons - Learning Unit 1  Basic knowledge

Training kit for rural masons

Instructional material | 01 March 2017
The purpose of this Learning Unit is to enable a rural mason to describe a typical rural house, the construction activities and their correct sequence, to describe and use the common mason tools and protective equipment, and to identify the required construction material.
By the end of this Learning Unit, it is expected that the rural mason will be able to:
(i) Describe the features of a typical rural house.
(ii) Describe the construction activities in their logic sequence.
(iii) Identify and use the appropriate tools for masonry works.
(iv) Identify and use the appropriate personal protective equipment.
(v) Apply calculations applicable for rural house construction.
(vi) Describe the common materials used for the construction of rural houses and
estimate the quantities required for construction works.