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    We won’t need to beg for water anymore

    21 December 2022

    Yasin Muhumad Faarah, an Ethiopian farmer, lost all his cattle in a recent drought. Without a regular supply of water, his future livelihood and that of other members of the community was in jeopardy. Together they built a water collection basin that promises a viable future for them all.

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    Host and refugee communities in West Kordofan, Sudan welcome a rehabilitated health centre and three water points

    23 November 2022

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    Sida supports ILO’s work across the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus (2022-2025)

    22 September 2022

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    Protecting communities in Ethiopia from the impacts of climate change

    06 September 2022

    Jigjiga - Twenty-seven government officials received training from the ILO on flood forecasting and warning systems, tools, and techniques to save lives and livelihoods in their community, which has been facing the adversity of recurring floods.

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    Upskilling Papua New Guinean youths to empower rural communities in transport infrastructure works

    23 August 2022

    To build the capacity of the local workforce to support rural road transport infrastructure development projects in Papua New Guinea, the EU-STREIT PNG Programme trained and upskilled a new batch of interested young men and women in the Sepik region.

  6. TICAD 8

    ILO co-hosts TICAD 8 Side Event

    22 August 2022

    Human security and emergency jobs for peace and resilience/ Experiences through partnership between Japan and the ILO for the promotion of decent work agenda in the context of fragility

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    Tokyo International Conference on African Development

    Decent work agenda for Africa to be promoted at TICAD 8

    22 August 2022

    Key elements of the decent work agenda will be promoted at ILO-organized events taking place during the 8th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD 8).

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    Second meeting of the Policy Working Group in Jordan

    17 August 2022

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    Building Community Resilience through EIIP approach

    17 August 2022

    Road Rehabilitation through Labour Based Technology “Do-Nou” techniques in JSB Project in Sudan

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    How work gave me purpose after Beirut blast

    04 August 2022

    On August 4, 2020, large parts of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, were devastated by a massive explosion in the port. For Hani Baltaji, the rebuilding of a municipal police station has not only helped towards Beirut’s recovery, but also his own.