Employment-Intensive Investment in


Activities of the Employment Intensive Investment Programme in Argentina

Current Activities 

EIIP has currently no activities in Argentina.

Historical Information

As a result of the economic crisis in Argentina from 1998 to 2002, unemployment became a major problem for the Argentinian government. The EIIP was invited to present their strategy of employment creation using public investments and to evaluate the appropriateness of the approach in the Argentinian context and how it could complement existing employment programmes and policies. A mission was carried out in December 2003, and its conclusion determined that government strategies were shifting from income programmes to employment programmes, but that the latter focused primarily on enterprise promotion, giving little attention to existing markets for these enterprises. An EIIP approach was proposed to create a market for small enterprises in the construction sector by developing mechanisms to create an enable environment in the legal and procurement systems, and strengthening technical capacity of different actors.