ASIST Bulletins

Resource list | 12 July 2010
Starting in 1993 ASIST, Advisory Support Informtation Services and Training for Employment-Intensive Infrastructure, published a bi-annual technical bulletin featuring articles on employment-intensive approaches to infrastructure development and local level infrastructure investment planning.
Earlier editions (up to issue 19) of the bulletin have a thematic focus, include a practical centre-fold pull out and are available in both print and digital format; however, issues 20 onwards are only available in digital format and are not necessarily theme based and may not carry a centre-fold.

No. 20, September 2006

No. 19, June 2005 – Theme: Upscaling and integrated application of labour-based approaches; Centrefold: Working out of Poverty - Targeting Investments in Africa

No. 18, September 2004 - Theme: Policy, institutional and legislative issues; Financing and resource allocation; Centrefold: Policy development

No. 17, March 2004 - Theme: Diversified use of labour-based technology; Centrefold: The Arusha Statement - Outcome of the 10th Regional Seminar for Labour-based Practictioners

No. 16, September 2003 - Theme: Impact and sustainability of employment-intensive approaches; Centrefold: The sustainability of employment-intensive approaches - a key to improving the livelihood of the poor

No. 15, March 2003 - Theme: Labour-based technology for poverty reduction; Centrefold: Labour-based technology for poverty reduction

No. 14, July 2002 - Theme: Mainstreaming employment-intensive strategies in infrastructure development; Centrefold: Building local capacity for rural infrastructure works

No. 13, March 2002 - Theme: Appropriate engineering practices and an enabling environment; Centrefold: The application of labour-based technology in crisis response and reconstruction

No. 12, September 2001 - Theme: Technical issues of labour-based technology; Centrefold: An overview of experience in contracting of road works and lessons learned

No. 11, July 2000 - Theme: Ten years of ASIST: The past, present and future; Centrefold: A snapshot of ASIST's activities in sub-Saharan Africa and the Asia-Pacific regions, and a list of ASIST publications

No. 10, January 2000 - Theme: Socio-economic impact of labour-based technology; Centrefold: The main features and steps of the Integrated Rural Accessibility Planning (IRAP) methodology

No. 9, July 1999 - Theme: Contracting in employment-intensive works; Centrefold: Productivity norms for various operations in rural road construction and various systems of apportioning work on a labour-based site

No. 8, December 1998 - Theme: Labour standards, environmental and gender issues; Centrefold: An outline of the key labour policies and practices in employment-intensive infrastructure programmes

No. 7, July 1998 - Theme: Community participation in labour-based works and in rural transport planning; Centrefold: A step-by-step guide on community contracting, with a checklist of what goes into a community contract document (Not available)

No. 6, August 1997 - Theme: Tools and equipment; Centrefold: How to cost equipment

No. 5, September 1996 - Theme: Contracting maintenance; Centrefold: How to prioritise your routine road maintenance requirements

No. 4, November 1995 - Theme: Capacity building and training; and labour-based urban upgrading; Centrefold: How to set up and organise visual presentations for training, workshops or seminars

No. 3, July 1994 - Theme: Equipment support to labour-based road works; Centrefold: Drawings and specifications of a tipping and non-tipping trailer

No. 2, December 1993 - Theme: Contracting and contractor development; Centrefold: The rainmaker - A comic-like story of the trials of small contractors

No. 1, May 1993 - Theme: Road maintenance; Centrefold: The Kenya Minor Roads Programme, Headman's handbook for routine road maintenance