Road maintenance and regravelling (ROMAR) using labour-based methods - Handbook

ROMAR stands for labour-based Routine Maintenance and regravelling, and extends the Improve Your Construction Business (IYCB) approach to small contractor development into this technical area.

The ROMAR handbook and workbook are written for managers of small construction businesses and designed to complement the Improve Your Construction Business (IYCB) series (also listed in this catalogue). The ROMAR books were produced as part of a contractor development programme in Lesotho, in association with the Labour Construction Unit of the Ministry of Works, assisted by the ILO. They cover both the technical and managerial aspects necessary for a construction business to expand into road and regravelling activities using labour-based methods. The handbook which covers the theory is complemented by the workbook, which includes practical exercises and worked example solutions. The first part of the books provide an introduction to roads and appropriate roadworks technology, the tools and equipment used, and the organisation of labour-based roadworks. The second part deals with road maintenance, covering the different maintenance systems and management techniques, followed by details of routine maintenance