Seventh Regional Seminar for Labour-based Practitioners

Seminar theme was 'Contracting in employment-intensive works'

This was the seventh in a series of regional seminar held for labour-based practitioners held since 1990. The theme of this seminar was contracting in employment-intensive works in both the urban and rural sector. A broad range of issues were presented and discussed during the seminar ranging from stakeholder participation in the design, planning and implementation of works, contract documentation, credit facilities, contract management, community contracting, rural access among others.

The objectives of the seminar were:
  • To provide a forum for practitioners in labour-based and employment-intensive infrastructure works to exchange experiences
  • To update participants on employment-intensive activities in Africa
  • To specifically investigate the use of labour-based technology in the sectors of rural roads, rural transport and urban infrastructure for low-income settlements
  • To promote cost-effective and sound engineering practice for labour-based methods
  • To promote the generation of local employment opportunities and minimise the foreign capital drain implicit in the use of equipment-intensive methods
  • To identify and discuss issues related to contracting in employment-intensive works.
The first two objectives were common to all previous regional seminars, the third objective was included in the 6th regional seminar, while the other three objectives were specific to this seminar.