Resources on Rural economy

  1. Article

    Recent ILO publications highlighting cooperatives

    10 June 2016

  2. ILO Research paper No. 14

    Global Supply Chain Dynamics and Labour Governance: Implications for Social Upgrading

    13 May 2016

    This paper examines how the emergence and change of the fragmented cross-national production system affects social upgrading in developing countries, focusing on the impact of private governance on labour conditions and workers’ rights. It also discusses the role of private voluntary standards in governing labour relations in GSCs, and their limitations and tensions with buyers’ purchasing practices.

  3. InfoStories

    Child labour in agriculture

    12 May 2016

    Children all over the world are being exploited, prevented from going to school, or pushed into work that endangers their health and normal development. In many regions, child labour is found mainly in agricultural contexts, where fatalities, severe accidents and diseases are common.

  4. Publication

    Employment Situation in Latina America and the Caribbean (nº14)

    11 May 2016

    This new edition of Employment situation in Latin America and the Caribbean discusses how weak job creation led to the third consecutive annual decline in the employment rate, which fell by 0.4 percentage points in 2015, indicating a reduction in the number of labour income earners per household. The ensuing drop in household income has played a large part in the increase estimated in the poverty rate for 2015. As a result, many low-income households will have been forced to more strenuous efforts to find employment.

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    Jobs in Latin America

    Latin American and Caribbean unemployment to rise in 2016

    11 May 2016

    The evolution of labour markets in the region will be analyzed at ECLAC’s thirty-sixth session, to be held in Mexico this month.

  6. Event

    Meeting of Experts to Adopt Policy Guidelines for the Promotion of Sustainable Rural Livelihoods Targeting the Agro-food Sectors

  7. Publication

    Coop News No. 1, 2016

    25 April 2016

    This issue of the COOP News includes articles on various events, projects, trainings and meetings related to the work of the ILO's COOP Unit between November 2015 and April 2016.

  8. Publication

    Sectoral Studies on Decent Work in Global Supply Chains

    06 April 2016

    Comparative Analysis of Good Practices by Multinational Enterprises in Promoting Decent Work in Global Supply Chains

  9. Conditions of Work and Employment Series No. 73

    Productivity, wages and unions in Japan

    31 March 2016

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    Our impact, their voice

    Irrigation projects aim to ease strain of Syria refugee crisis in Jordan

    25 March 2016

    A labour-intensive ILO initiative to develop water catchment and drip irrigation systems is playing a pivotal role in creating decent work opportunities in northern Jordan.