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    A new ILO training programme on activating agricultural cooperatives in the elimination of child labour piloted in Tanzania

    17 March 2020

    The new training programme was developed to strengthen the capacities of cooperatives as part of ILO’s projects on the elimination of child labour in multiple African countries.

  2. Rural employment

    ILO Local Employment Partnership creates new jobs for youth in Southern Moldova

    05 March 2020

    The Local Employment Partnership (LEP) implemented by ILO reached out to 600 young NEETs (youth neither in employment, education or training) in the Cahul region. 282 of them already registered as unemployed to benefit from active labour market measures. To date, this partnership created 135 jobs, 20 start-ups and 2 cooperatives—additional small businesses and jobs are in the pipeline in this rural region where the rate of inactive youth is the highest in Moldova (25%).

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    Japan supports ILO and Mozambique in socio-economic recovery after cyclone Idai

    03 March 2020

    The Government of Japan has contributed US$ 545,454 to ILO’s response to cyclone devastation in Mozambique. This support will help restore damaged rural roads and create local jobs, providing better access and improving resilience in the Manica province.

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    Training of Trainers on Start.Coop is carried out towards building a sustainable vanilla sector in Madagascar

    26 February 2020

    Twenty trainers were trained on the Start.Coop training modules and methodologies as part of an ILO project to advance decent work and fight against child labour in the vanilla sector in Madagascar.

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    Fifteen new trainers on My.Coop were trained and 36 coffee cooperatives in Chiapas, Mexico benefited from My.Coop training

    20 February 2020

    A series of My.Coop training workshops were carried out to support the economic recovery of the earthquake-affected communities in the State of Chiapas.

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    Forced and child labour

    Forced and child labour in Uzbek cotton fields continues to fall

    05 February 2020

    Systematic and systemic child and forced labour were not used by the Uzbekistan government during the 2019 cotton production cycle, according to a new ILO report.

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    Business Reporter

    Why we need a human-centred future of work

    27 January 2020

    While there is no doubt some jobs will be lost through these changes, there is also a huge potential to create decent work. But, at the moment, these are just possibilities. It is up to us to turn them into reality.

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    Strengthening cooperatives towards socio-economic development in Timor-Leste

    21 January 2020

    The ILO conducted a training workshop with members of a union-supported cooperative in Timor-Leste on how to establish cooperatives based on community needs and how to put cooperative principles into practice.

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    The 2019 ITC-ILO Rural Academy includes an elective on cooperatives

    17 December 2019

    Co-organized by the ILO’s Cooperatives Unit and its partner, Agriterra, the elective focused on a range of topics including the role of cooperatives in rural development, basics of the cooperative business model and methodologies for cooperative development.

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    Africa’s employment landscape

    28 November 2019

    Following Africa Industrialization Day earlier this month, which focused on the expansion of the region’s manufacturing sector.